Dec 01, 16

NEW FIRE Festival Sustainability Principles

Come spend a zero waste weekend with our energy efficient policy.

The Average Trinbagonian produces more than 2.5 KG of solid waste per day! Every year the average Trinbagonian produces more Carbon Dioxide than citizens from every country on earth except Qatar. Furthermore we use more than 80% of the water we are able to produce annually, meaning that with a changing climate and growing population, the risk of water scarcity is extremely high! To survive we must change and seek out new ways of running our societies and economies.  While at NEW FIRE Festival, we challenge you to REDUCE, REUSE and SUSTAIN all for our collective future, in a clean, nurturing and exciting environment.

As a NFF guest we ask that you:-

REDUCE – Reduce our impact on the environment by reducing the use of unnecessary packaging, foreign inputs, water, energy and transportation. Ultimately we want to reduce the production of Carbon Dioxide and the rate at which we use our resources keeping the fire that defines our Trinbagonian nature.

REUSE – Collect any of the little waste produced at the festival for reuse and where possible seek out recovered and recycled material for creative productive use, our dumps are full enough.

SUSTAIN – Sustain and grow our local economies and ecosystems by supporting our artisans, local business, farmers and sustainable industries. We must foster our environment now so they can support us later.

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