Feb 04, 17

Calling all Vendors!

If you are interested in becoming a vendor, please review our guidelines and complete our interest form.




Festival Vendor Guidelines

At NEW FIRE Festival, we invite you to share your hand crafted and locally sourced products with our festival’s guests. We are looking for persons selling food and beverages with a focus on local cuisine and artisanal items such as handmade jewellery, bath and body items and craft products.



NEW FIRE Festival (NFF) is a sustainable, transformational festival that will be held at Green Meadows in Santa Cruz on April 8&9, 2017. NFF offers our guests an opportunity to immerse themselves in a new world, celebrating our most positive human qualities in a spirit of love and oneness. Two days of music, art, dance, food, craft, yoga, play and camping; inspire and uplift guests along with a variety of talks and workshops. The festival is grounded in principles of ecological mindfulness and sustainability, demonstrating how we can develop our communities while being environmentally responsible.



NFF Vendors will have an opportunity to interact with our dynamic and diverse audience as our festival attracts persons from varying communities throughout Trinidad and Tobago and abroad. Therefore, we want vendors who have well made products that truly reflect our Caribbean culture.



Vendor Packages:


  • Saturday 8 April or Sunday 9 April 2017
  • 9am-5pm: $350 for one table


  • Saturday 8 April to Sunday 9 April 2017
  • 9am (Saturday) to 2am (Sunday): $600 for one table


  • Saturday 8 April and Sunday 9 April 2017
  • 9am-5pm: $700 for one table


  • Saturday 8 April to Sunday 9 April 2017
  • 9am (Saturday) to 5pm (Sunday): $800 for one table

*Persons vending all weekend can access a discounted camping rate of $50.00 per person.




General Festival Program and Festival Passes



Daytime- Saturday (9am-5pm), Sunday (9am-5pm)

Day Pass =$50.00 for guests (children 12 and under are FREE)

  • Artisan Market, Food + Beverage on sale
  • Kids’ Activities
  • Craft Zone (focus on upcyling materials)
  • Workshops and Demos
  • Dance Performance
  • Acoustic Music Space
  • Campers’ Village (accessible only to campers)


Nighttime- (6pm Sat- 2am Sun)

Night Pass =$200.00 for guests (18 and over)

  • Live Music Performance
  • Electronic Music Experience
  • Food + Beverage on sale
  • Artisanal products on sale


Weekend Pass =$400.00 for guests (includes access to camping)




Things to note:

  1. This is a zero to low waste event, therefore, vendors are expected to adhere to our sustainability guidelines and Festival DOs and DONTs. We will also expect that you encourage guests to dispose of what little waste in generated in a responsible manner; bins will be provided for different types of waste and these will be clearly labelled. Members of the festival team will also be on hand to ensure waste is being properly managed however vendors are expected to be friendly and informed about the waste management process.


  1. Vendors must ensure all packaging is biodegradable or reusable, there will be no Styrofoam or one time use plastic containers allowed at the festival. Alternatives include paper and vegware containers.


  1. Vendors should facilitate persons using their own containers; you must be willing to serve food or beverages to guests in their own reusable beverage or food containers.


  1. This is an outdoor environment so please ensure your products are well covered and stay at the right temperature; think about whatever precautions you will need to take.




Festival DOs and DON’Ts



Bring reusable containers or biodegradable paper plates. Don’t bring styrofoam containers or cups.
Bring rechargeable products, such as flashlights. Don’t throw away batteries. There will be battery disposal bins provided.
Only bring the things that you NEED. Don’t bring things that you WANT. Leave your fireworks, pyrotechnics, pocket knives and expensive electronics at home.
Use our designated disposal areas. Don’t litter.
If you smoke, please consider the wishes of others around you. Don’t dispose of your cigarette butts on the ground. Please use the provided bins.
Please use designated showers and avoid excessive water use. One song per shower! Don’t relieve yourself on or around the trees.
Use marked paths and avoid trampling natural vegetation. Don’t have your own private forest party! Let’s all have fun together!
ONLY camp in the areas provided. Don’t wander into the trees during the night.
Bring a giant water bottle and a bunch of smaller re-usable ones! Don’t bring cases of plastic bottled refreshments.
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