Join us a vendor for NEW FIRE Festival 2018! Vending packages are available for Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th March for NFF at Ortinola Estate in St. Joseph. 
VENDOR GUIDELINES + MARKETPLACE POLICIES (additional details will be circulated closer to the festival)


NEW FIRE Festival aims to create a better world and sustainable living is a key focus of all our activities. By helping us meet our ZERO WASTE goals, you’ll be joining us in creating this world and will enjoy immediate economic benefits as well. 
We ask all vendors to be good to ourselves and the planet by adhering to NFF’s zero waste policies: 

1. Festival guests will be bringing reusable food and beverage containers and vendors will serve items in these containers. Therefore, vendors should have their own measuring utensils to properly portion items.


2. No containers are to be provided by vendors unless they are fully compostable (leaves, napkins, brown paper bags, paper boats, parchment paper, grease proof paper etc), however, we want to keep use of even these items to a minimum.


3. Absolutely NO styrofoam or single-use plastic containers, utensils and other items are to be issued by vendors to customers; this includes cutlery and straws. Also refrain from serving items in foil, use of clingwrap and other disposable materials.


4. No beverages are to be sold in disposable plastic which includes bottled water. There will be a water station by Hydra-STATION where clean filtered and chilled drinking water will be provided FREE for everyone at the festival. Vendors are therefore required to refrain from bringing their own drinking water in disposable containers.


 5. NFF will also have installed wash-up stations for food vendors to keep their food service equipment sanitized.

6. Food waste and compostable items are to be disposed of in the bins provided by NFF; no other bins should be placed by vending tables as this makes the market unsightly.


7. We ask that you encourage guests to dispose of their food waste in the designated bins. Members of the festival team will also be on hand to ensure waste is being properly managed however vendors are expected to be cooperative, friendly and informed.


8. We recommend you use digital marketing tools or business cards instead of paper flyers to promote your business as we want to keep the dissemination of paper products to a minimum as well.


9. There is a strict Leave No Trace policy therefore, vendors must ensure that they take with them all items which cannot be composted on leaving the festival site. This includes chafing trays, food service gloves, hair nets, utensils and any other items used by vendors for vending purposes.



Please let us know if you need guidance in meeting our policies as we reserve the right to ask any vendor found in violation of these policies to immediately leave the festival site and no refund of vending fees will be made.

If you are interested in vending at NFF 2018, please review our VENDING PACKAGES and complete your application. Once confirmed, our team will advise on how payments should be made.